Hrithik Roshan & Sussanne Khan divorce-“Truth”


On Saturday June 11, 2016 Sussanne Khan snaps out from her silence, disclosing the actual reason behind their divorce. She exclaims ‘No’ to all of the rumors and speculations aroused. In fact, Sussanne asserts that she is close to Hrithik. Well yes, according to sources these two heartthrobs were seen together on May 1, 2016. This happens to be the first occasion when these golden ex-couples were spotted together subsequent to their divorce. However, the real reason behind their gathering was the birthday of their beloved son Hridaan.

The Split of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan

Earlier in 2013 some hints of issues between Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan was in the air. The warning sings of the split were emerging through their relationship. As it turns out, Sussanne was missing from the Ganesh Visarjan celebration of Roshan family. Sussanne happened to abruptly leave Rakesh Roshan’s 64th birthday party hosted in Blue Sea, Mumbai. On December 13, 2013 Hrithik’s announcement of divorce spellbound his fans everywhere. The most admired couple of Bollywood had decided to end their 17 years long relationship. The vital question aroused in every hearer’s mind WHY?

The Speculations

  • Publicity Stunt?

Initially when the news broke out regarding their separation, many people believed it to be a cheap publicity stunt. But one fine morning, when Hrithik himself announced his split from his then-wife confirmed that the news was not a publicity stunt.

  • Hrithik’s Alleged Affairs?

Hrithik’s onscreen sizzling chemistry with Kareena Kapoor has always been the talk of the town. No doubts that the media and audience buzzed about a possible affair. Consequently, the two actors decided not to sign anymore movies together. In 2010 the bold chemistry of Hrithik with his Kite co-star Barbara Mori created a huge buzz. It was now when Sussanne left Hrithik’s residency and had gone to live with her parents. Rakesh Roshan clarifies the scenario saying the house was undergoing renovation. Hrithik and Sussanne were spotted together after the release of the movie Kite. Therefore, rumors of their spilt came to rest.

  • Sussanne’s Alleged ‘intimacy’ with Arjun Rampal?

A notion was also widespread that Sussanne and Arjun Rampal intimacy was the true cause of their divorce. Interrogated, Arjun said that he and his wife Mehr are equally sad on hearing of this news. He said that as being friends we must be sensitive towards their decision, rather than creating speculations and rumors.

According to an interview given to a leading women’s magazine, Sussanne quits her silence concerning the ‘Truth’ of their divorce. She simply states, we still are close friends and have a time of chat, but no hanging out together anymore. We respect each other and are completely committed parents. We keep aside our differences when children’s are involved. We are always there to protect and love them” she told the magazine.

A Bio-pic on the Legend Dhayan Chand


A Biopic on the Legend Dhayan Chand is a dream project of Pooja Shetty and Aarti Shetty. Regardless of possessing a solid script at hand, the Shetty sisters faced real bummer. Nevertheless, their perseverance paid off when Karan Johar demonstrated inclination regarding the project.

  • The Legend Dhayan Chand

The man was an astonishing field hockey player of all time. Dhayan Chand is known as “The Wizard” for his superb ball control. He had scored more than 400 goals during his international career. The Government of India awarded Dhayan Chand the Civilian Honour of Padma Bhushan in 1959. Best of all, today India celebrates his birthday as National Sports Day.Dhayan Chand was born on August 29, 1905 and died on December 03, 1979.

  • Movie Rights

Pooja Shetty and Aarti Shetty are the daughters of the Manmohan Shetty, an Indian entrepreneur. He is the founder and developer of Adlabs Films LTD. The Shetty sisters demonstrated enthusiasm in the biography of the legend Dhayan Chand. Reportedly, they purchased the movie rights from Ashok Dhayan Chand, son of legend Dhayan Chand.

  • Who will play the Role of Dhayan Chand?

The Dhayan Chand project was initially discussed with Shah Rukh Khan. Apparently, King Khan overlooked the matter. At present, Karan Johar has taken the project in consideration. Karan loves the idea and gladly wills to join hands in co-producing the film. Good news, the project finally marches forward. After a ‘No’ from Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor also refuses to play the role of Dhayan Chand. Eventually, the role knocked at the door of Karan’s favorite Varun Dhawan. The actor showed great passion regarding the movie. Varun Dhawan being fascinated by the script made David Dhawan to go through it.

  • The bio-pic of Legend Dhayan Chand is in deadlock?

As a matter of fact, the project at present confronts a big hindrance. Karan Johar’s warm welcome accompanies Fox-Star to be a part of the Dhayan Chand project. Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, and Fox-Stars are hesitant to work with the inexperienced director Rohit Jaisingh Vaid. It is not possible to deprive Rohit Jaisingh from the right of directing the film, provided the fact that he is the one who bought the bio-pic rights in behalf of Shetty sisters. Sadly, the lack of experience of Rhoit is going against him. Consequently, the project is facing a deadlock.

Hoping to attain a way out, the project awaits a solution to the odd. The film will be on the floor as things are wrapped up. The very talented Varun Dhawan for the first time would play non-fiction role making the film to see the day light.

Dr. of United States

Hi, Friendbusiness-shake-hands

I am professionally a Medical Transcriptionist  and at night i am a happy blogger. I know there are lot of friends out there blogging and i hope if there are any Doctors from US. I have been working for a MT company in India for the past 10 years . My company dose not pay even 2% of what they earn on me. I am in search of a Dr. who is willing to trust me with his work and i promise to do my work with best of my ability and in reasonable price.


Fleeting Shadow

Fleeting Shadow


Ps 144:4 “Man is like a breath his days are like a fleeting shadow”.

In the year 2004 on this very day 21 May I had lost my beloved Aunt Carmen. She died of cancer.  She was just 35 when she expired. She had a 2-year-old baby which she left behind. She is now about 13 years of age. If I have to describe my Aunt in one sentence “she was a very God-fearing person”. She had seen lot of difficult days, but had lived a life that would always please God. She would pray for others need and share the gospel to people who are ignorant of it. I am somewhat like her, I grew up admiring her and would always think that I would also pray and help others who are in need. In the year 2004 when my aunt was diagnosed of abdominal cancer, I deeply believed that it would be just a test in her life and she would surely be cured and be a great testimony for others, but after being diagnosed with cancer she died within a month or so, on this very date. I was very disturbed and for once felt that either God doesn’t exist or if he does he is an unfair God. Broken deep down in my heart not even feeling like to pray or read the scriptures, I began to question God for why did he do so. God had always spoken to me through his holy scriptures, I knew only God could give a valid answers to all my questions, with tears in my eyes and a broken heart I opened the Bible

Isaiah 57:1 2 “The righteous perish and no one ponders it in his heart. Devout men are taken away and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace they find rest as they lie in death”.

This was what God answered me. Many a times we think death to be a punishment of sin or an outcome of a sinful life, but that is not true. Death happens to all whether good or bad righteous or a sinner. We all must go to our eternal home, but the difference is that when a sinner dies he dies physically and then eternally in hell. The righteous even die and as they die they enter into peace they find rest as they lie in death. Righteous person is taken away for good and after he or she dies good is for surely happening to them. God told me that to spare them from evil they are taken away from this world.  Death was not the wrong that happened to her, but if she would have been alive something worse would happen to her to save her from that evil God brought death to her. Even though we miss their presences we grieve for them, but God had kept them in a better place then they could be if they are alive. In death they enter into peace they fine rest as they lie in death they are in perfect rest and in perfect peace. Today makes 13 years of my Aunt Carmen’s death and I know she is in a better place enjoying perfect rest and peace.

Sorry friends i am a bit late to publish this post, but i hope may God bless every one who reads this post.

Jesus of the Insignificant by Linnet Silver


“Jesus of Nazareth” this is how Jesus was called when he was on the Earth and this is how we even call him today. I grew up thinking that Nazareth was Jesus’ surname, but I learnt that people in those days were named after the cities were they lived. Not many people in the time of Jesus would choose to be called Nazareth. The word “Nazareth” means the separated, but here the meaning of the name is not a problem but the city itself.

The city of Nazareth was considered as a city of no good. The city of Nazareth was a small and insignificant agricultural village in the time of Jesus. It had no trade routes, was of little economic importance and was never mentioned in the Old Testament or other ancient texts. The New Testament mentions Nazareth many times, referring to it as the home of Mary and Joseph, the town that inspired Jesus during his childhood and early manhood.

Jesus grew up there and was called Jesus of Nazareth. In the gospel of John 1:45-46 Phillip had found the long awaited Messiah and he now introduces this Messiah to his friend Nathanael saying “We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law and about whom the prophet also wrote-Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph”. Nathanael replied “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?

Down through the history of Israel not a single prophet ever came out of Nazareth. Jesus was called the Nazareth and he had no problem in being said so. Although, Nazareth was an insignificant city but Jesus says he is “of” Nazareth. He belongs to Nazareth .

It indeed takes a lot of guts to accept a rejected thing. We all like to cling on to things that are great, special, and significant. Whether it is a job or a relationship, but it is in the nature of God to love the broken, despised, and rejected things. He loved us when we were still sinners.

Do you feel insignificant, rejected, and of no good, Jesus says he belongs to you and you belong to Him. He is more than happy to identify Himself with you. For Nazareth it was once said that nothing good could come out of it. Many a time we hear people saying such negative comments about us may be because of our background or because of our finical status, or may be because of things we have done in the past, whatever may be the reason, but for Jesus no body is insignificant he died for ever single soul on this Earth. He gladly accepts us in his family, gives us a new life, a new identity in Christ Jesus and he is proud to be called Jesus of the insignificant. 

Inescapable Destiny by Linnet Silver


Hello my dear readers let me introduce myself to you my name is Life. I am what bring you, YES YOU and ALL OF YOU into existence. In the infinite universe, among the million and billions of stars and planets I reside on a planet called The Earth. In the ever expanding universe this earth is just like a drop of water in the ocean. This drop is but a unique one, just because it is full of me. If you have ever been there you will find me without fetching me I am everywhere. I am found on the land, on the mountains, in the air, and in the deep. I am in the charming flowers and in the humming birds. I am in the roar of a Lion and in the cry of an infant, I am Life.

On this little Earth I am pampered a lot every one loves me and the one who love me the most call themselves Human being. They are the crown of all the creation. They are beautiful for they look like their creator. They are intelligent because they have the gift of conscious from their creator. They are fragile, but not like their creator for they failed in obeying Him and have lost the opportunity to be with me forever. The first human being Adam disobeyed his creator and as a punishment I am now just a guest to them. Now they all have an inescapable Destiny that’s Death. Even though I do not wish, but I have to go one day or the other. I know they are hurt; they weep and mourn when I go, but I still have to go for I can’t disobey my creator. Man meets his inescapable destiny “Death”.1003042_1_0_prm-keyart_1024x640

I am the end of every road; my presence means nothingness, ciaos, gloom, and decay. You people you don’t like me, you welcome me with tears, I break your heart, I take away your loved ones, no one can escape me, I am your Inescapable Destiny, I am Death.

The wisest man on the face of the Earth “Solomon” has spoken few words in my honor. He says Ecclesiastes 12:6:  Remember your creator-before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl in broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well. Some say that broken golden bowl means head injury, shattered pitcher means lung injury, broken wheel means gastrointestinal disease, and silver cord means the spinal cord failure in function. What ever might be the reason death comes.

 Golden bowl, silver cord, a wheel and a pitcher are made of four different elements having different values, gold, silver, wood, and clay. This saying may also mean the four class in which human being can be divided, the golden bowl-a richly rich person, silver cord-a rich person, wheel are made of wood-middle class person, and lastly pitchers which are made of clay-poor people, we all have a common destiny Death. Death sees no class or creed it has happened to all it will happen to all. Some people live as they will never die and when they die, they die as they have never lived. We all have one life and we do not know how many day are remaining of our lives so do not miss the Love of God for you in Jesus. The wisest man said death will come and it will come to all, before it come “Remember Your Creator”.

Life Storm’s by Linnet Silver

old ship image

One bright morning in the year 786 BC about 3229 years ago at the sea port of Joppa in the vicinity of Jerusalem stood a not so fortunate ship. As the regular days she was being prepared to sail in the Mediterranean Sea towards her destiny called Tarshish. Passengers began to pour in as she waited to sail. Our life is like a ship that serves its purpose of sailing through time in this world. We don’t travel this journey alone we lodge our lives with people we categories them as Family and Friends. They accompany us in the journey of our life.

Like all the other ships, this Ship also had sailors who would guide her to her destiny. Live never moves on aimlessly it is always heading towards a destiny. Even we realize or not we all are sailing towards our eternal home. If God is our sailor he will guide us to his home that is Heaven and if unfortunately Satan is our sailor he will take us to his home that’s Hell. We need to choose our right home by choosing the right sailor.

She also had passengers who traveled with her to her destiny called Tarshish. A very famous saying goes this way “Birds of one feather flock together”, in other words passenger of same destiny travels together. Even if a ship has or does not have the opportunity to choose her passengers, we surely have the privilege to choose people who aboard with us.

As the Ship was standing at the port many passengers entered her and among them, was a man name Jonah. Jonah was a man holding a ticket to Tarshish, but with a divine calling to Nineveh, trying to run away from God. Jonah was a man who did just what God did not want him to do. You know a person in your life who is trying to neglect God. “Be Careful”.


The Ship begins her journey unaware of what was awaiting her ahead. She smiled at the sea and looked in hope to see her destiny sooner or later. Then came a time when a silent wind began to blow she enjoyed the wind and the breeze.  Suddenly the silent wind changed into a great storm.  The Ship was tossed and was about to wreck. This was the mightiest storm she had ever seen. There are times of Joy and times of storms in life. Storms are not strange when you journey in life, but storms are unwanted if it is because of a person who is in your life.

Jonah was the culprit every one realized on the Ship expect of Jonah because he knew it. A person running away from God can never be right even if he is living a right life. If we have a conflict with God we can never succeed in having good terms with the world around us, moreover we can become the cause of storms in their life and to an extent put their life in danger.

God is waiting to have peace with you that you may have the peace of God in you, not the peace what the world gives, the peace the world gives you fades away with time and occasions, but the peace God gives you through Christ Jesus is eternal and unique in which it overwhelms your life and flows from your life into the lives of others. Instead of being a reason of storm you shall be a reason of joy for others.

You would like to know what happened to the Ship to Tarshish. It arrived Tarshish, but without Jonah. Jonah was thrown into the raging sea by the other passengers. Life points out people like this who are reason for storms, it is better to quite then to suffer a loss of life time. If you know a Jonah in your life or you are a Jonah in somebody’s life a change is demanded in both the situation, bring the necessary change in your life and you shall enjoy your destiny. Although, this story is a quite old one still then it is relevant even today because the God of Jonah is yesterday today and forever the same.