Life Storm’s by Linnet Silver

old ship image

One bright morning in the year 786 BC about 3229 years ago at the sea port of Joppa in the vicinity of Jerusalem stood a not so fortunate ship. As the regular days she was being prepared to sail in the Mediterranean Sea towards her destiny called Tarshish. Passengers began to pour in as she waited to sail. Our life is like a ship that serves its purpose of sailing through time in this world. We don’t travel this journey alone we lodge our lives with people we categories them as Family and Friends. They accompany us in the journey of our life.

Like all the other ships, this Ship also had sailors who would guide her to her destiny. Live never moves on aimlessly it is always heading towards a destiny. Even we realize or not we all are sailing towards our eternal home. If God is our sailor he will guide us to his home that is Heaven and if unfortunately Satan is our sailor he will take us to his home that’s Hell. We need to choose our right home by choosing the right sailor.

She also had passengers who traveled with her to her destiny called Tarshish. A very famous saying goes this way “Birds of one feather flock together”, in other words passenger of same destiny travels together. Even if a ship has or does not have the opportunity to choose her passengers, we surely have the privilege to choose people who aboard with us.

As the Ship was standing at the port many passengers entered her and among them, was a man name Jonah. Jonah was a man holding a ticket to Tarshish, but with a divine calling to Nineveh, trying to run away from God. Jonah was a man who did just what God did not want him to do. You know a person in your life who is trying to neglect God. “Be Careful”.


The Ship begins her journey unaware of what was awaiting her ahead. She smiled at the sea and looked in hope to see her destiny sooner or later. Then came a time when a silent wind began to blow she enjoyed the wind and the breeze.  Suddenly the silent wind changed into a great storm.  The Ship was tossed and was about to wreck. This was the mightiest storm she had ever seen. There are times of Joy and times of storms in life. Storms are not strange when you journey in life, but storms are unwanted if it is because of a person who is in your life.

Jonah was the culprit every one realized on the Ship expect of Jonah because he knew it. A person running away from God can never be right even if he is living a right life. If we have a conflict with God we can never succeed in having good terms with the world around us, moreover we can become the cause of storms in their life and to an extent put their life in danger.

God is waiting to have peace with you that you may have the peace of God in you, not the peace what the world gives, the peace the world gives you fades away with time and occasions, but the peace God gives you through Christ Jesus is eternal and unique in which it overwhelms your life and flows from your life into the lives of others. Instead of being a reason of storm you shall be a reason of joy for others.

You would like to know what happened to the Ship to Tarshish. It arrived Tarshish, but without Jonah. Jonah was thrown into the raging sea by the other passengers. Life points out people like this who are reason for storms, it is better to quite then to suffer a loss of life time. If you know a Jonah in your life or you are a Jonah in somebody’s life a change is demanded in both the situation, bring the necessary change in your life and you shall enjoy your destiny. Although, this story is a quite old one still then it is relevant even today because the God of Jonah is yesterday today and forever the same.

6 thoughts on “Life Storm’s by Linnet Silver

    1. Hi, Janice i am new blogger and i do not know much about it . i have read your post about changing your followers into visitors and i am thinking to add something about myself in the about page. i have a question how should i ask others for their emails?


      1. Hi,
        Truthfully, I was playing fast and loose with Emails believing if they gave it to WordPress, and WordPress gave it to me, it was the same thing as they giving me permission to have it. Then, I heard MailChimp could suspend me, so I switched things up. Now, I tell them I am adding them to my Email when they compliment my post.


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