Inescapable Destiny by Linnet Silver


Hello my dear readers let me introduce myself to you my name is Life. I am what bring you, YES YOU and ALL OF YOU into existence. In the infinite universe, among the million and billions of stars and planets I reside on a planet called The Earth. In the ever expanding universe this earth is just like a drop of water in the ocean. This drop is but a unique one, just because it is full of me. If you have ever been there you will find me without fetching me I am everywhere. I am found on the land, on the mountains, in the air, and in the deep. I am in the charming flowers and in the humming birds. I am in the roar of a Lion and in the cry of an infant, I am Life.

On this little Earth I am pampered a lot every one loves me and the one who love me the most call themselves Human being. They are the crown of all the creation. They are beautiful for they look like their creator. They are intelligent because they have the gift of conscious from their creator. They are fragile, but not like their creator for they failed in obeying Him and have lost the opportunity to be with me forever. The first human being Adam disobeyed his creator and as a punishment I am now just a guest to them. Now they all have an inescapable Destiny that’s Death. Even though I do not wish, but I have to go one day or the other. I know they are hurt; they weep and mourn when I go, but I still have to go for I can’t disobey my creator. Man meets his inescapable destiny “Death”.1003042_1_0_prm-keyart_1024x640

I am the end of every road; my presence means nothingness, ciaos, gloom, and decay. You people you don’t like me, you welcome me with tears, I break your heart, I take away your loved ones, no one can escape me, I am your Inescapable Destiny, I am Death.

The wisest man on the face of the Earth “Solomon” has spoken few words in my honor. He says Ecclesiastes 12:6:  Remember your creator-before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl in broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well. Some say that broken golden bowl means head injury, shattered pitcher means lung injury, broken wheel means gastrointestinal disease, and silver cord means the spinal cord failure in function. What ever might be the reason death comes.

 Golden bowl, silver cord, a wheel and a pitcher are made of four different elements having different values, gold, silver, wood, and clay. This saying may also mean the four class in which human being can be divided, the golden bowl-a richly rich person, silver cord-a rich person, wheel are made of wood-middle class person, and lastly pitchers which are made of clay-poor people, we all have a common destiny Death. Death sees no class or creed it has happened to all it will happen to all. Some people live as they will never die and when they die, they die as they have never lived. We all have one life and we do not know how many day are remaining of our lives so do not miss the Love of God for you in Jesus. The wisest man said death will come and it will come to all, before it come “Remember Your Creator”.

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