Fleeting Shadow

Fleeting Shadow


Ps 144:4 “Man is like a breath his days are like a fleeting shadow”.

In the year 2004 on this very day 21 May I had lost my beloved Aunt Carmen. She died of cancer.  She was just 35 when she expired. She had a 2-year-old baby which she left behind. She is now about 13 years of age. If I have to describe my Aunt in one sentence “she was a very God-fearing person”. She had seen lot of difficult days, but had lived a life that would always please God. She would pray for others need and share the gospel to people who are ignorant of it. I am somewhat like her, I grew up admiring her and would always think that I would also pray and help others who are in need. In the year 2004 when my aunt was diagnosed of abdominal cancer, I deeply believed that it would be just a test in her life and she would surely be cured and be a great testimony for others, but after being diagnosed with cancer she died within a month or so, on this very date. I was very disturbed and for once felt that either God doesn’t exist or if he does he is an unfair God. Broken deep down in my heart not even feeling like to pray or read the scriptures, I began to question God for why did he do so. God had always spoken to me through his holy scriptures, I knew only God could give a valid answers to all my questions, with tears in my eyes and a broken heart I opened the Bible

Isaiah 57:1 2 “The righteous perish and no one ponders it in his heart. Devout men are taken away and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace they find rest as they lie in death”.

This was what God answered me. Many a times we think death to be a punishment of sin or an outcome of a sinful life, but that is not true. Death happens to all whether good or bad righteous or a sinner. We all must go to our eternal home, but the difference is that when a sinner dies he dies physically and then eternally in hell. The righteous even die and as they die they enter into peace they find rest as they lie in death. Righteous person is taken away for good and after he or she dies good is for surely happening to them. God told me that to spare them from evil they are taken away from this world.  Death was not the wrong that happened to her, but if she would have been alive something worse would happen to her to save her from that evil God brought death to her. Even though we miss their presences we grieve for them, but God had kept them in a better place then they could be if they are alive. In death they enter into peace they fine rest as they lie in death they are in perfect rest and in perfect peace. Today makes 13 years of my Aunt Carmen’s death and I know she is in a better place enjoying perfect rest and peace.

Sorry friends i am a bit late to publish this post, but i hope may God bless every one who reads this post.

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